Performance Engine Work

“Freshen” Rebuild V-8 Race Engine:

  • Block: Magnaflux, check align bore, hone cylinders with torque Plate, check piston to wall clearance, install new cam bearings, check lifter bores for wear.
  • Heads: pressure test, check valve guide clearance, recut valve seats with proper 5-angle cutter on a Serdi 100 using dial indicator on the spindle, resurface heads if required, cc chambers to verify proper compression ratio, check valve stems for wear, reface valves, reestablish proper backcut on valves, check lock grooves, reface valve tips, check valve spring retainers, replace valve spring and valve locks.
  • Crankshaft: Magnaflux, check journals for size, taper and roundness, check crankshaft for straightness, Micropolish journals.
  • Connecting Rods: Magnaflux, Check rod bolts for stretch, replacing if necessary, Check housing bores for size, roundness, and taper, resizing as necessary.
  • Camshaft: Magnaflux, check straightness, lobe wear, and polish.
  • Lifters: mic lifter body for wear, check roller for smooth operation and end play, check pushrod seat and tie bar.
  • Pistons and Pins: Check for cracks, mic piston skirts, ring groove wear, pin bores, check pins for cracks,size, roundness, taper and straightness.
  • Pushrods: check for straightness and ends for wear
  • Rocker Arm Assembly: check needle bearings, trunions, roller tips. push rod seat.
  • All components are final washed in hot soapy water before assembly.
  • During assembly all bearing clearances are checked, ring gap file fitted to application, piston to valve clearance verified, camshaft profiled and indexed.
  • Parts Automatically Replaced: Gaskets, Rod Bearings, Main Bearings, Cam Bearings, Piston Rings, Valve Springs, Valve Locks.]
  • V-8 Iron Block, Alum. Heads, Roller Cam ------------- $2950.00
  • V-8 Alum. Block, Alum. Heads, Roller Cam ----------- $3350.00
  • V-8 Iron Block, Iron Heads, Flat Tappet Cam ---------- $2550.00
  • V-8 Iron Block, Iron Heads, Roller Cam ----------------- $2750.00
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